Do It Yourself Crossing Kit Info

Hi, Welcome to the DIY info section.

Before you review this information please note this is designed more towards advanced users who want a little bit more customization to a railroad crossing in Trainz using the Trigger Rail Crossing System.

Lets Begin

When you have installed a TRC DIY kit in trainz, sometimes included in freeware crossing sets you will find your assets named as...

TRC DIY xxxxxxx


If you find these, you have them installed and are now ready to learn how this was designed logically.

So If you haven't noticed or really don't pay attention. RR Crossing lights flash in sequence (left right left right) so on. Well that was put into logic when splitting up crossing assets for individual use. In a DIY crossing pack you will find some lights similarly named to something like this. "TRC DIY (Light Manufacturer) (Light Size) Light Flasher - A or B" Example posted below

whilst TRC DIY GRS 8x20 Light Flash-1A denotes Flash Left sequence due to a A being at the end.

whilst TRC DIY GRS 8x20 Light Flash-1B denotes Flash Right sequence due to a B being at the end.

Hopefully you are still with me at this point, Now for some beautifully drawn art...

When you setup your crossing lights (Flasher A) must remain on the left side and (Flasher B) must remain on the right side. Except for one condition.

Depending which side is setup first if you need two custom DIY setups you DO NOT rotate camera position in trainz once your first side is completed.
My recommendation is to start with a side with the crossbuck facing towards you. Then do the other side without rotating the camera position.

The above images pretty much describes what to do. To link the lights to the TRC system, tap the ? in trainz and setup how you would normally set up a Trigger Rail Crossing for each individual light. And your are pretty much good to go. 

If you would like a very basic video tutorial you may watch it by
clicking here

Their will be many more assets added to this DIY kit bash, stay tuned!

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